Please study the table below to help you work out the size of your load in cubic metres before you register your removal details with us

As an  example an average fridge/freezer may measure:

Length x

Depth x


= Volume

0.55 meters x

0.55 metres x

1.65 metres

= 0.50 of a cubic metre

55cm x

55cm x


= 0.50 of a cubic metre

1.9ft x

1.9ft x

5ft (18 cubic feet)

= 0.50 of a cubic metre

An armchair which measures 1m x 1m x 1m, or say 3ft. x 3ft x 4ft  = 1.00 cubic metre

Calculating in feet? Take the total cubic ft and divide by 35 to get your cubic metres
Please use the following estimates as a general guide only. 
cbm = cubic metres. Scroll down for more information in chart below

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